Tana Rose is a lady with a love for all things music. In addition to a powerful voice, she possesses creative and imaginative writing skills, having written over 150 compositions.Tana is a classically trained pianist and vocalist, who studied directly under keyboardist and singer of Ambrosia, Mary Drummond, James Lugo (celebrity vocal coach), pianist Jetha Hoffman (Symphony Orchestra) and Multi-Platinum Record Producer Andrew Lane. Tana currently writes, composes and produces music not only for herself, but for artists from all over the world in conjunction with her Record Label and Music Publisher KB Recording Group. Tana's debut album Petals & Thorns was released on all streaming platforms and retail outlets across the world on December 13th, 2019 by KB Recording Group who partnered with Sony Music Entertainment to distribute the project.

You get to see both music videos for my singles

'Roses' & 'Function'

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